Get the best performance out of your engine with a hotter, longer and more powerful spark.

By releasing up to 40% more voltage than other coils Energycoil helps to ignite fuel with increased intensity to deliver impressive performance gains and increased engine response.

Transfer more energy effectively with beefy connectors that match the profile of a spark-plug terminal for greater surface contact and extremely efficient energy transfers that help improve electrical transfer efficiency by up to 45%.

Keep more energy on tap with protection against energy leakage and spark flash-over. By using the latest advancements in manufacturing technology we created a shield around the Power Core that not only focuses more energy down to the spark-plug but also serves as a powerful shield that helps to eliminate electrical interference.

Energycoil is designed to directly replace your original stick coils without any modifications. Adding Energycoil to your engine is one of the easiest ways to increase performance , improve engine response and lower fuel consumption.


- Increased horsepower

- Increased torque

- Improved throttle response

- Improved fuel efficiency

- Direct OEM replacement

- Plug & Play

- Made in USA

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