The EVP Yamaha YXZ Performance Packages are stage tuned to compliment each other.

These items have been dyno & field tested to provide the most performance possible without opening the engine or installing a turbocharger.


The EVP Yamaha YXZ V-Flow High Performance Air Filter System is a Direct-Fit Replacement air filter for the OEM Filter.

Our intake system fits within the factory air box and attaches with a clamp to the airbox.

Our higher flowing air filter systems offer significant improvements in air flow, filtration with up to 2 HP increase over stock.

This is especially important with high performance normally aspirated applications as any restriction affects power output.

The EVP intake filter system is constructed of the finest synthetic filter material which outperforms the OEM while being washable and reusable.

Our air filters trap the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze “performance” filters or the OEM’s can’t capture.

This product includes our custom Pre Filter which is designed to keep out particles of dirt and sand debris as small as .005″.

Our filters run dry meaning no oils or additives are required.

Additionally, our pre-filters add a second level of protection.

The woven mesh is specially treated using a proprietary process to repel water.

This hydrophobic water repellent process is not sprayed on; consequently there is virtually no airflow loss.

Our pre-filters are used and recommended by top professional engine builders and race teams worldwide.

Slip On Exhaust and Header Pipe

The dyno & field tested EVP 304 TIG welded Stainless Exhaust system for the YXZ is the finest exhaust on the market today.

Our exhaust shop specializes in extracting the most horsepower possible from a given engine geometry.

The EVP header has equal length, oversized primary pipes for maximum power with a broad torque curve.

The primaries are merged into a 3-1 collector.

This in conjunction with the free flowing yet quiet silencer allows the 998cc Yamaha triple to breath like it should.

The header and silencer are modular designed so that the header can be run with the stock silencer and the silencer can be run with the stock header.

The best gains are for the EVP full exhaust, EVP intake and EVP ECU Flash.

This produces a dyno verified 17 wheel horsepower gain over stock.

Silencer includes an integrated spark arrestor.

Maptuner X

Maptuner X is a full color, touch screen consumer hand held programmer/data logging tool and much more.

Maptuner X allows you to flash Evolution Powersports tunes into your OEM ECU via the diagnostic port.

These are the same tunes that we have spent countless hours dyno and field testing that were only available previously by sending us your ECU!

Maptuner X is NOT a piggyback controller – it can be left plugged into the diagnostic port or removed to tune another vehicle and the program remains in the ECU.

Maptuner X has many other features with more being added soon!

Evolution Powersports is proud to offer ECU programming for the Yamaha YXZ.

Being one of the few companies with vast experience with the Yamaha Mitsubishi ECU, be prepared to be blown away by the performance increases achievable with a simple EVP reflash and EVP exhaust.

The options for customers wanting to reprogram their ECU’s – one is to send your ECU to our Somerset WI location (or to us at BOOST'N & ROOST'N), the other is to purchase Maptuner X with programming.

Maptuner X allows you to flash your own ECU with the same dyno & field tested EVP programming.

Not only that, Maptuner X has very cool live data logging functions as well as other useful tools. You can also return to stock tuning at any time.

The addition of Maptuner X is $489.99.

ECU Flash

Stage 1: All stock | 91 octane

Stage 1.5: Intake + ECU flash | 91 octane

Stage 2: Slip on exhaust + ECU flash | 91 octane

Stage 2.5: Full exhaust + ECU flash | 91 octane

Stage 3: Intake + full exhaust + ECU flash | 91 octane

Stage 3R: Intake + full exhaust + ECU flash | 100 octane

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